we are seeing this expressed in culture around the globe


Party all night without leaving the comfort of your living room by streaming live gigs and DJ sets into your home with Boiler Room TV.

IF THIS THEN THAT is a life-hacking tool that sets up conditional ‘recipes’ that automate functions in your online life.


This  venue lives one life as a hip-hop and electronic music  night club,  whilst also doubling as a cinema .

BROOKLYN BOULDERS co-working space  takes the notion of shared work environments to the next level, combining community, fitness, extreme sporting and culture.

People are eager to be less restricted by boundaries

Work and leisure time are blurring, the distinctions between different spaces, places and modes of being are fading.

Fluidity and flexibility are being embraced, and people are expecting the places they spend time - and the products they use - to increasingly adapt to their changing needs and desires.

Flexibility has become smart, slick and inspiring.

This is being fuelled by

Boundaries between different aspects of life beginning to blur into our hectic lives.

Fluidity becoming essential to lives where nothing is compartmentalise any longer.

Technology beginning to allow new realms of flexibility


This club in Paris and London  is for those who dare to challenge morning culture and start their day with a high energy dance workout.

This apartment design from TU DELFT features - instead of containing separate rooms - flexible sliding walls that can be moved around suit that moment’s needs.

ANKEN GREEN turns warehouses into shared offices in Shanghai. They create spaces that work to integrate working and leisure time

BEATS MUSIC app promises to always give the perfect song to match any moment - you select where you are, what mood you’re in, who you’re with and what you feel like hearing.

And some brands are beginning to play here

The PHILIPS HUE LED bulb lets people change the colour and mood of the insides of their homes in an instant.


DODDLE launched their new parcel delivery service at train stations across the UK just in time for Christmas, allowing everyone to fit online shopping into their commute.

LOUIS VUITTON SERIES 1 hosted a party, exhibition and shopping space in Shanghai that was open  all night, every weekend for three weeks.



The IKEA PS COLLECTION focuses on the young urban residents that have ever-fluctuating living situations, whether it’s where they live or with whom they share a space.


So, what does this mean for your brand?


Understand complexity

Know that people's lives are intricate and blurred, and that they need things that can adapt and flex to fit them.


Be available

Make sure that you do not live by the old paradigms, but are increasingly accessible in different places, times and modes.


Be adaptable

Make it possible to change atmosphere and mood swiftly and easily. Be suitable for more than one rigid occasion.