we are seeing this expressed in culture around the globe

For 4 years, street photographer Brandon Stanton has been taking pictures and collecting the stories of the real, everyday people he meets in New York.

LENA DUNHAM – from HBO’S GIRLS – has written a candid and revealing memoir so others can learn from her mistakes.

KIMO KAWA CANCER BABYS by the artist LU YANG is an  art exhibition that faces the taboos around cancer straight on, in an honest, open and quirky way.


THE INSTITUTE OF SEXOLOGY exhibition at the WELLCOME COLLECTION is a candid exploration of the most private of acts – sex.

The WHISPER app allows people to tell their most real and candid secrets with complete anonymity.

In a world of glossy perfection and immaculately curated online selves, genuine candour will be valued more than ever

People are beginning to crave interactions that are authentic and open.

The awkwardness, imperfection and honesty of reality is revealed and embraced.

The intensity of genuineness is admired and desired.

This is being fuelled by

In a world of manicured online profiles, people craving the things that are real, raw and authentic.

As a reaction against the glossy, the gritty becoming aspirational.

Celebrities and public figures who bare their souls encouraging all of us to be more ourselves and to hide less.

New series TRANSPARENT is about a father of three adult children who, alongside his family, is coming to terms with his true transgender identity.

MA JIAJIA is a digitally savvy entrepreneur who launched a sex store shortly after graduation. But what really draws customers to her site is the bold, candid blog


INDIA KNIGHT’S IN YOUR PRIME is a frank, candid account of getting older and how to do so joyfully.

And some brands are beginning to play here

When a CHEVROLET exec described the car’s advancements as ‘technology and stuff,’ the brand capitalized on the endearing real life awkwardness in social media.

CONVERSE adverts celebrate how their shoes become part of people’s real lives, and have the scuffs to show it.

LEVI’S adverts celebrate the fact that real, honest lives are lived in them – not a perfect fiction.



HÄAGEN-DAZS adverts focus on wonderful, true real life emotions.

So, what does this mean for your brand?


Be open and honest

Don’t hide behind a glossy images, let people in to see the real and the unique.


Celebrate reality

Enjoy the fact your products are used by real people in their real, wonderfully flawed lives.


Don’t be dull

Don’t mistake the real for the mundane – this is about capturing the raw and beautifully personal.