People are hungrier than ever for knowledge and discovery

They are pursuing learning for pleasure – craving mental stimulation and enlightenment.

Knowledge is valued for its enhancing qualities – to learn more about the world, and to enrich and define your character through skills and ideas.

The thriving life of the mind is treasured more and more.

we are seeing this expressed in culture around the globe

GUERILLA SCIENCE are committed to connecting people with science in new ways - producing live experiences for festivals, museums and galleries.

MASSMUTURAL launched SOCIETY OF GROWN UPS, a ‘masters program for adulthood.’ The organization teaches financial literacy in a fresh, exciting way.


The HOW TO ACADEMY runs courses on wearable technology, writing your family history, and even how to rebuild after the apocalypse.

THE LOST LECTURES are a Europe-wide series of underground lectures that push the boundaries of knowledge.

This is being fuelled by

People seeking more depth and meaning from social interactions.

Increasingly well educated populations, meaning knowledge is more approachable and aspirational.

Learning increasingly becoming about self-improvement and fulfilment rather than specific purposes.

THE BROOKLYN KITCHEN classes ranging from basic knife skills to pig butchering to vegan tamales to mini cupcakes to Persian dinners.

SERIAL is a new podcast that tells a complex, intellectual stimulating story. It has become the most popular podcast ever, and sparked ongoing debate.


A spate of blockbuster films are celebrating intellectual topics. The THEORY OF EVERYTHING, brings to life the story scientist Stephen Hawking.

And some brands are beginning to play here

HENDRICKS GIN hosted a Carnival of Knowledge that featured experts sharing their knowledge, insights and ideas.

Online ticket space EVENTBRITE created pop up workshop in Old St, holding classes is anything from being a radio DJ, to growing your own business.

Publishers RANDOM HOUSE launched their Shelf Help campaign – with a list of books aimed at improving mental health and prowess.



HEINEKEN Open Your City lets anyone explore new sides to their city with recommendations from those with similar tastes.

So, what does this mean for your brand?


Make learning enjoyable

The boundaries between learning and fun will continue to blur, and you should create opportunities to teach people something in an engaging and stimulating way. Being boring is not an option.


Treat people like connoisseurs

Connoisseurship is gaining traction in all fields. People want to learn fascinating stories, facts and techniques. Enable this learning process, and don’t patronise people. Expect them to be eager and capable.


Create communities of intelligent, hungry learners

Curate events and places where people can feed their desire for knowledge and the life of the mind.